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hi. welcome to my about page i guess. read this one first.

i have a plethora of names, but for simplicity's sake call me angel, kan, or mirage (the latter two were given to me courtesy of my friend catie!)

im vietnamese but born and raised in america. no pronouns (use my names!) or neopronouns are preferred. im also aroacespec and lesbian. my gender is a complicated mess, please dont ask about it. i think i have visual snow syndrome. dont feel like labelling anything else. im also 4'11. think of me as nayuta from chainsaw man except with black hair (or a subkit fanchild named arsenic)!

random facts section... im a full-time student currently and a minor. freaks gtfo. my birthday is jan 12, making me a capricorn! most of my coding comes from khan academy or is self taught. im a bit stupid sometimes and forgetful and im also easily spooked and not very with good horror.

media interests are: roblox ( phighting, specifically), mcyt, object shows, vocaloid, noobsquad, honkai star rail, needy streamer overload, puella magi madoka magica, bugbo, omori, toilet-bound hanako-kun

other interests include internet history video essays (mainly tumblr stuff, think dashcon or all or nothing), coding, art (writing and visual), animanga, and fanfiction.

rabbit hole but it sounds like a 2009 roblox song