the angels of my eye, my friends!! the ones i cherish the most!!

this page contains all my friends (or... i guess just tbdfe?) and where to find them! please check my friends pages out theyre all very cool people! the photo on the right makes me think of that friend's and i's relationship... hehe :3

me and my friends :3
RUBY!! theyre very silly and has a lot of playful energy... fizz always matches my energy and understands my cryptic messages that are jokes :D im really proud of how far paw has come (in art and character)! wtf that sentence makes me sound like a grandpa scratch that...

ruby really likes a bunch of niche stuff... he always draws the media she likes or has interacted with and i think its fun! fizz always seem to be drawing something :O

assigned kin: slingshot from phighting, kel from omori, emu ootori from project sekai, and saki tenma from project sekai!!
assigned song: Biscuit and Hiku Get Divorced (

places to check out: tumblr, rentry
KOHA!! hes so cool and we both are insane about roblox blocks... he introduced me to phighting in the first place actually!! and helped me out when i was dogshit terrible at it haha! we are the literal embodiment of lost temple duo :3 its crazy to think that... stupid lego ripoffs were what made us closer skullemoji

koha always falls head over heels for random alt. clothing characters and headless ones... like cmon, fucking red from rainbow friends? he looks like a goddamn water molecule...

assigned kin: sword from phighting and nene kusanagi from project sekai
assigned song: bag of bones from mitski

places to check out: roblox (? LOL), carrd, and tumblr!
LEMON!! my parent... the grandpa of the friendgroup! shes silly and like that game with squids! i barely understand what the hell hes talking about that relates to the game, but that adds to his charm! her art is super cool and he brings a #epic vibe to everything

lemon really likes nintendo stuff? like. explicitly nintendo branded things like splatoon and pokemon and zelda and animal crossing!! why does nintendo have you in such a chokehold!!

assigned kin: rocket from phighting and touya aoyagi from project sekai!!
assigned song: anarchy rainbow from splatoon

places to check out: carrd and inkpedia
HAZEL!! little toilet video maker amiright ? they r SUPERR cool and like a bunch of cool things. like madness cumbat ! and tally hall . they were the person that inspired me to listen to other tally hall songs that werent the mainstream ones haha! super silly person and we have a bunch of intersecting interests !

over the months weve been friends , hazels had the... weirdest nicknames i guess! britzel, little toilet video maker, google earth ? how did we get to this point.

assigned kin: mizuki akiyama from project sekai and yashiro nene from toilet bound hanako kun !
assigned song: d>e>a>t>h>m>e>t>a>l by panchiko

places to check out: rentry and youtube !!
LOTUS!! we first met when harper introduced xem to tbdfe and im so glad they did ... its funny to see her talk about his monopolyduo/desertduo or whatever its called ! she also know a Shit ton of stuff about life series what the fuck . i want to dip you in soup.

SUPER fucking craacked at skywars. i saw him fucking win a 1v3 ? and also won that same round even though me and harper died ? AND ALSO GOT TEN KILLS iN SQUADS ??? DESPITE XER TEAMMATES BEING DEAD ? holy shit dude

assigned kin: sayaka miki from madoka magica and kohane azusawa from project sekai !
assigned song: tongues & teeth by the crane wives (i know what you are.)

places to check out: tumblr
HARPER !! bestest friend ever (besides everyone else on this page...) harper Really likes floweafy and leafy bfdi ! and also likes life series too :) they Really like pearl and ldshadowlady ... they were the reason i watched madoka magica ..

i lovee their way of analyzing media and all that kind of jazz ... its very therapeutic i guess, that someone cares so much about media

assigned kin: shiho hinomori from project sekai and homura akemi from madoka magica
assigned song: no way ! by yot club

part of me will know they deep down that i am pretty cool, the part of me that knows i never cared for being cool

assigned song: ballad of a homeschooled girl by olivia rodrigo