we broke up btw. dont be sad for us! we still care and love eachother very much! just in a platonic way rather than a queerplatonic way :)

draggable on pc ! now playing . . . two birds by regina spektor. . .

is it corny to do all this? yes! do i care? no!


art by aleeyenn on twt/tumblr

♡ 8/23/22 ♡

welcome to my lovemail for my qpp (queerplatonic partner), harper/pearl !!

even though i am very clingy i have a hard time expressing my love for people... so with this little section of my site ill be using it to show my love to one of the most important people in my life! this site is very... janky and bad graphically but this is the one section of my geggsite made entirely (besides the music box lol) by my own two hands!! it wouldn't feel right to use some template for my other half, you know? it may look weird on different devices but!

we've been by eachother's side for a while now! it's honestly hard thinking about them not being here with me... i love seeing them ramble and talk about things that interests them and i try my best to get into their interests so we have something to talk about! they helped me when things hit rock bottom and i will repay what they've did tenfold. i love them so, so much!

they're the moon to my sun. im so happy to have met them and have gone so long with them! i have the best awesomest most epic gamer moment qpp EVER!!!! till(y) death do us part!... did i use that correctly?

of course, a simple webpage isnt devoted enough for me to call it quits!!!! so, i made a whole rentry with a list of character duo/ships that i think fits my qpp and i's relationship!! the reasons are uhh... not the best, but the thought counts right?

also i added widow's alliance (chosen soulmates? what is their duo name.) in the corner, because i know they like those two!! and whats the point in doing all this if i dont dedicate some of the stuff in here for THEM !!!