how awful a fate it is, to be the one that survives.

Hello! Welcome to THE DINGUS ARCHIVES!
This is a collection of things related to my friend (Koha!!) and I's fanon Dingus lore, such as worldbuilding, characters, relationship dynamics!! Do not think this page will be as serious as it is right now... Koha and I are just some silly kiddos that like Roblox...
Dingus is a Roblox game created on 7/1/'23 (or 1/7/'23 for non-Americans) that resembles games like prop hunt, but you pretend to be an NPC! The premise of the game is to complete tasks without being caught by the hunters. Simple game, right? No way you can make fanon lore based off this...


nice to meet ya!! im the blogmaster for the whole website ♪(´▽`) i use any neopronouns but if you want to use binary ones on me, use my name(s)! im one of the co-writers for the dingus archives... if ur here, look at my about for more info!


im typing this out for him... koha is also one of the co-writers for the dingus archives!! he uses any prns but Really prefers he/him. if you want more info like his interests or dni, check out his carrd!

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